In a spirit of discovery, a concept of educational walks was devised in 2014 to draw on the riches of the village of Chalais. The backbone of the project, a footpath linking Chalais to the Crêt du Midi, serves as its vertical axis. Dubbed “From Chalais to the chalets”, it passes through five vegetation zones and crosses 12 thematic trails known as “... passing by...” that make up the horizontal axes. It is possible to hike this trail on an elevation of 1800 meters uphill or downhill. The other itineraries are accessible by cable car, bus, car, bicycle or on foot.
The overall concept was completed in 2019 with the laying of the last path (passing by A de Bran) and the finalization of the vertical axis (From Chalais to the chalets). An inauguration of the entire network is planned for spring / summer 2020.